Good Ole ASP.NET
I'm excited.  I get to write a new enterprise site in ASP.NET which is the language that initially got me started programming.  Actually writing windows applications with VB.NET was my initial introduction to software development, but I quickly moved into the realm of the browser based applications.

I had forgotten how cool some of the features of ASP.NET were.  I'm a little nervous because I'm very rusty with .NET, but the language and Visual Studio ID are so productive that I think it will come together fine.

Writing a site in ASP.NET is going to require a completely different framework than the sites that I have been creating with PHP.  There are features in ASP.NET that aren't available to you in PHP that I feel I should take advantage of.  The one unfortunatly thing about ASP.NET is there aren't as many opensource applications out there written in it compared to PHP.  There are still a few that should provide me with some good ideas.

I'm mostly just happy that I don't have to write this application in JSP.  For some reason, I just can't accept JSP as a good web development language.  It may have something to do with the JSP sites that I work with that are just awful.  The code seems to run slow, and all of the errors get dumped to a log so debugging is a nightmare.