FireFox reaches 100 Million
It's no secret that I love the FireFox browser.  I pitch it to everyone that uses the web, and I have seen great adoption of it's use.  It excels Microsofts Internet Explorer in many ways, especially if you are a web developer.  Somehow, IE has become that bastard browser that you have to account for when developing standards compliant websites.

Just yesterday, I found a new use for FireFox that IE simply couldn't, and probably won't for many years be able to accomplish.  I had to examine my HTTP headers, and IE (being the idoit proof brower that it is) has no way of accomplishing this.  FireFox, from the default install has no way of accomplishing this either.  But there are so many contribs and extensions and modules written for FIreFox, I did one search, and the first page was exactly what I needed.

Don't get me wrong, I love Microsoft and Microsoft products.  I personally believe that the .NET framework is one of the greatest things to happen to developers, even though I spend a lot of time working with PHP.  I'm concerned that FireFox is beating IE to the punch on at every corner, just like AMD is doing to Intel.  Microsoft finally released a developer toolbar, which I think is even nicer that what the FireFox tools offer, but it's too late, I already switched to FireFox for their wonderful developer tools.

I can't believe that Microsoft hasn't released a patch for IE to allow tabbed browsing.  Everyone that I talk to that hasn't used tabbed browsing thinks it's completely overrated.  As soon as I get them to download FireFox, their entire point of view changes.  I can't say that I was any different.  I find myself hopelessly dependent on tabbed browsing.

As a web developer, I find that it's easier to develop in FireFox, then fix the issues that IE has displaying the site properly (I call them "hacks).  I'm afraid that if Microsoft doesn't change their toon soon in regards to standards compliance and browser features, they will loose the brower market share that they so wonderfully took from Netscape.  Then they will be the ones struggling to keep up with the competitions features (which is already happening).  With AJAX becoming a very popular buzz word indeed, they had better figure out how to make IE use the XMLHTTPRequest object correctly.

We love you Microsoft, but it's time for an IE update quick like.