ATLAS is Microsofts new framework for creating AJAX style websites in ASP.NET
I think that one of the great things that ATLAS will provide is its close integration with ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2005 and WebServices.

From the ASP.NET site:
ASP.NET “Atlas” includes:
  • Client script libraries that provide a complete solution for creating client-based Web applications. The client script libraries support object-oriented development, cross-browser compatibility, asynchronous calls to Web services, and behaviors and components for creating a full-featured UI.
  • Web server controls that provide a declarative way to emit markup and client script for "Atlas" features.
  • Web services, such as ASP.NET profiles, that can add useful server-side features to an "Atlas" application.

Mash it up with ATLAS
Looks like the new ATLAS CTP is out and Microsoft is having a contest where you can win a free XBOX 360.  Where is my spare coding time when I need it?