MySQL is the worlds most popular open source database.  MySQL is used from many large scale web sites including Google and NASA, and is a very strong competitor to even the likes of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

MySQL is increadibly fast, provides support for full text searches, and is widely supported.  I constantly find myself impressed with what MySQL is capable of.

MySQL 5 Ready For Production
It's just been released for production use, and a few months before SQL Server 2005. This could be the release that really steals market share away from SQL Server and Oracle.  It looks like the MySQL folks have gone to great lengths to make Migration from SQL Server, Access, Oracle, and other databases simple.

I look forward to using the new features of MySQL 5 in my own applications, and I recommend that you give them a try as well.

MySQL Release Canidate 5 Available!
I'm excited.  MySQL 5 will provide all the features that MySQL is commonly critized for lacking by the bigger DB vendors such as Triggers, Stored Procedures.Cursors, and Updateable Views.  I will be downloading and installing MySQL 5 in the near future to give it a test drive, and let you know what I think.  I believe this will be yet another big step in MySQL stealing enterprise market share from the large vendors.

Just a quick question, who still uses DB2 or Sybase?