Search Engine Commands
Google, Yahoo!, and MSN all provide commands that you can enter in their seach box to see different aspects of how your site is doing in terms of SEO.

To see how many of your pages have been indexed by the search engines, and to see what types of meta data they have pulled, you can use:
Google and MSN:




You can also view which sites are linking to your site with the command:


Yahoo! and MSN:


Google heavily weighs their Page Rank on the number if backlinks that you site has, and the text contained in those links.

Google also provides some additional commands for checking different aspects of your sites ranking including:


You can use these keywords to see where your site would be placed for those keywords.  This is useful if your site is "Sandboxed" and you want to see how your site will rank when you get out of the "Sandbox".

Here is one that I just learned.  This give you a pretty accurate look at your backlinks.  This one works in Yahoo:

  linksite:yourdomain.com -site:yourdomain.com

I guess I'll add this here since I don't have anywhere else to put it.  Today on Matt Cutts Blog - which every SEO should read, he describes the user of the noodp meta tag in your website:

In some circumstances, Google uses descriptions from the Open Directory Project as the title and snippet for a web result; this tag lets you opt out of the ODP title and description. 

<meta name=”robots” content=”noodp”>

I always love little tidbits like this.