My Tutorials
The first tutorial that I'm going to write is creating a web-based AJAX driven on-line chat.  I'm sure that many of these types of tutorials will show up around then internet, and most likely, there are already several.  The reason being that online chat is maybe the most obvious use for AJAX.  As you will see in the tutorial, the basics of creating an online chat system is not very hard, but you can make as complex as you wish.

In part one we well start by creating the basic chat program.  In coming weeks we will extend this example and make it more robust.

Currently I'm working on a tutorial for an AJAX driven Instant Messenger service.  The progress is moving right along, but I don't have Internet access at home right now which is making it difficult for me to post updates.  The skeleton of the Instant Messenger service should be up before Christmas so stay tuned for updates.