AJAX Portals & CMS Sites
As soon as AJAX got coined, everyone decided they needed to create a web portal that was powered by AJAX.  Most of the time I find these site to be using AJAX just for the sake of AJAX.  Maybe one of them will come out with some decent AJAX features rather than just breaking the web.

Google IG
Well, I guess I'll list Google's Portal version first.  They seem to be the leaders of the internet when it comes to AJAX applications.  I imagine they put this one out just to polk Microsoft Live in the eye.

Microsoft Live
Yup, this is what microsoft came up with for an AJAX style web portal.  Last time I visited (When it was still in BETA), it broke with FireFox browsers.  That was enough for me to leave and not come back.  It may have improved greatly since then, Microsoft does have the R&D dollars to make a great product.

Well here is one that isn't Microsoft or Google.  Just for that you have to give it a try.  Sometimes when the giants compete, no innovation happens, just regurgitation of each other's ideas.

This one was still in it's infancy when I last visited it.  You never know how much developer time is going to go into these things.  I guess I'll have to visit it in the near future.

These are starting to look all the same to me.  I wonder when someone will build some additional value into it.