AJAX Example Sites
As time goes by, we will see more and more AJAX driven websites start poping up around the Internet.  I thought that I would start a list of sites I have come across that use AJAX.  Hopefully this will provide some ideas on how you can use AJAX in your own web applications.

Google Maps
This is the site that caused the term AJAX to get coined and made everyone pay attention to the possibilities of XmlHttpRequsts.  This is a very cool site, so if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend taking a moment to check it out.

Google Suggest
Yup, Google is leading the way for what's possible with AJAX, even though Outlook Web Edition is a very cool app that has been around for quite some time.  I guess since it's Microsoft, everyone just expects it to be great.

This is a really slick mashup that takes AJAX, Wiki, and the Google Maps API to create an amazing AJAX interface for describing the world.  I think this site has the potential to turn into something huge.  A great example of what is possible in the world of Web 2.0 applications and how it can be use to create a truly unique user and informational expirence.

This AJAX application shows bookmarks as they get added to del.icio.us.  As Mike Gunderloy puts it "Sort of like watching the geek hive mind at work."

These people were quick to jump on the commercial AJAX market.  They have some pretty cool commercial controls that do some pretty slick things.  Gives you an idea of how cool a site could be with a lot of effort.  They offer a free community edition if you want to check them out.

Here is a free AJAX word processor, but for some reason they don't have a demo up on their site.  What's up with that?

XHTML Live Chat
I imagine that this will become one of the most common uses of AJAX.  This is a nice piece of code that is free to download..

Gollum Web Browser
This is a pretty slick AJAX application that wraps the Wikipedia in a neat little web browser interface.  This is a great example of the capabilities of AJAX technologies.  Definitly worth checking out.

This is a neat little DHTML / AJAXified web calendar app that has some pretty cool JavaScript.  Definitely a good example of what's possible with a little creative JavaScript technology.

This useful little site pings the RSS trackers in the background using AJAX technologies.  This is exactly the kind of use for AJAX that really helps out a website.  Definitly check it out.

Google IG
Google is really cleaning up in the AJAX / DHTML programming arena, leaving Microsoft to wonder how to stop the bleeding.  I guess this is Google's answer to Microsoft Live which I wasn't all that impressed with since it didn't support FireFox

ObjectGraph Dictionary
This is a nice little dictionary that has suggestions and definitons driven by AJAX.  A good use of the AJAX auto suggest pattern.

The Form Assembly
This site has some tools that allow you to create web forms through and AJAXified / DHTML interface.  Pretty clever.

This is a great example of the power of AJAX in websites.  This site allows you to search for flights in an AJAXifed fashion.  It will suggest the airport for you, and when it searches, it displays results as they are found.  Definitly a great example of improving usability with AJAX.

Incase you don't like Microsoft Live or Google IG, or just don't want to contribute to either company, here is yet another alternative.  These things are springing up like crazy.

Yup, here is another one.  Like I said, these things are all over the place.  This one looks like it a little further behind than some of the others, but still a nice use of DHTML.

del.icio.us direc.tor
This application is like the Gollum Web Browser in that it provides an interface to view another site.  In this case it gives you a new browser interface to view your del.icio.us bookmarks.  Pretty nice little piece of code.

AJAX Translator
This neat little application will translate what you type into the language of your choice as you type.  Pretty Tricky.

MX Query Builder
This one is really slick.  It allows you to create and edit SQL querys through a really cool AJAXified web interface.  I was goint to create one of these a while back, but decided that it would take too long.  I like they way they created the tables in the HTML.

This spiffy little application lets you talk on your Instant Messengers (AIM, GTalk, Yahoo, MSN) through a nice web interface.  Pretty neat application if your somewhere that doesn't have your IM client installed.

Rex V
This is an AJAXified Regular Expression Validator.  It didn't seem to be working too well, but I'm always in favor of sites that help me write my Regular Expressions.  It's still in beta, so I imagine there will be some bugs for quite some time, but a nice use of AJAX.

Sample AJAX Shopping Cart
This is a cute little use of DHTML and AJAX to create a drag and drop e-commerce shopping cart.  I'm not sure how useful this really is, but it's a nice example of the AJAX extensions for Ruby on Rails.

This site uses the good ole AJAX Suggest pattern to suggest band names that you can find lyrics at.  One again, a nice example of how using the AJAX Suggest pattern you can help your users find information on your site.

This site provides an online spreadsheet.  I have seen similar applications to this with really cool DHTML and this one is no different.  Someone spent a lot of time writing JavaScript here.

Here is another AJAX calendar application.  Although Joel Spolsky seemed to love it, I just wasn't all that dazzled.  Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice application and a great use of AJAX, but after all of Joel's bitching and whining about the other AJAX calendar solutions available, I can't believe he though this one was so great.

This site is much like del.icio.us in the sense that it's a social bookmarking site.  Clipmarks, however, lets you select just parts of a webpage that you want to view later.  This site is doing all kinds of neat web interaction.  Some is AJAX.  Some is really neat DHTML.  I guess this is what you would consider a Web 2.0 Application (Although I'll probably get teased for using that term).  There is some really neat stuff going on here so it's completely worth checking out. 

In order to use the site for your own "clips" you have to download an extension.  But it's pretty cool so I think I'll leave the extension on my laptop.

Web based desktop with AJAX OS concept behind. This one build on top of Backbase AJAX framework.  When I tested it out, it looked like they could use a faster server or maybe some debugging, still a nice concept.  I would be cool to see this expanded with more useful applications.

Yahoo Traffic with JSON
Here is an example of retrieving a cities traffic report from Yahoo! using the JSON framework.  I tend to stay away from AJAX frameworks, but it is a cool example none-the-less.  This is from Eric Pascarello who is the author of AJAX in Action

I'm not really sure what the point of this demo is, but it shows as a proof of concept how to create a desktop style environment inside the web browser.  Might help you spark some good ideas for your own AJAX style applications.